Friday, September 3, 2010

Progression run Thursday

I had a great progression run yesterday.  This was similar to my progression run last week, although I was a bit more consistent with the pacing.  The run consisted of 5K at easy pace, 5K at marathon pace, 3K at about half-marathon pace, 3K at 10K pace, and then 2K easy.  That's 18K for a midweek workout, and it felt great.  My actual paces were:

5K @ 5:55/km
5K @ 5:41/km
3K @ 5:10/km
3K @ 5:02/km including a fast last kilometre at 4:58/km

This run was done on the hilly trail-loop near my house, so I'm particularly happy with the overall effort of this run.

This morning my legs felt just comfortably sore-- not painful, but I could feel that I had done some work.    My muscles seem to be properly stressed by the hard running but not to the point of pain or injury-- just enough for the desired training effect.

My other runs this week have been social runs with two of my favorite running partners, including my friend Mike.   I'm looking forward to a weekend that includes some more social running this weekend, including another run of at least 32K. 

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